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The Difference between Synthetic Oil and Regular Oil, EXPLAINED! -by a professional race car driver

When it comes to your car, using the correct product is vital for longevity. For example, if you use the wrong gas, you can damage your engine to the point of no return. What about the oil that you use? There is a definite difference between synthetic and regular oil and the advantages of both. At Premium Lube Express in Colmar, PA, we have the top Castrol Oil USA along with standard oil brands. We have the expertise to give you a solid opinion on what would be best for your vehicle.

What are the Advantages of Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil? Synthetic oil is made up of uniform molecules that decrease the amount of friction in the engine. Since the purpose of motor oil is to be a lubricant, this is a good thing. Less friction means less damage to your engine, and a better-performing engine. Synthetic oil is also more refined than conventional oil, which limits deposits in the engine. It’s cleaner, and has fewer impurities. Additionally, it doesn’t break down as easily and, therefore, offers a longer service life. Synthetic oil plays a huge part in lowering engine temperatures, reduce fuel consumption and there are special modified engine oil that can handle massive heat in the engine chamber like the oil they use in race/track cars like Castrol oil and Pennzoil.

However, Conventional oil, it’s cheaper. But, because synthetic oil lasts longer, the savings are negligible. The second advantage is it is superior for older cars. Cars before 1990 may run better with regular oil. However, you could still use synthetic oil in older cars, depending on the vehicle.

Synthetic Blend vs. Full Synthetic In addition to synthetic oil and conventional oil, you can also purchase synthetic blend oil. Synthetic blend is basically what it sounds like: A blend between synthetic oil and conventional oil. It offers a middle ground between the two oils. It’s cheaper than full synthetic oil, but has better performance than conventional oil.

Which engine oil shall I use synthetic or conventional oil? Stop by Premium Lube Express at 262 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA, or visit our website for our current specials. We offer the finest Castrol oil USA brand as well as other synthetic or crude oil brands. We also provide the finest in tire rotation, headlight replacement, and engine air filters. After changing your oil, take advantage of our supreme car wash!

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