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Frequently Asked Questions: Motor Oil

Motor oil or lubricant is what makes your engine function. It cleans the moveable parts while also helping those parts keep moving. Four types of motor oil are available: Conventional, High-Mileage, Synthetic, and Synthetic Blend. Premium Lube Express, in Colmar, PA, has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right motor oil for your vehicle.

What fluid services does Premium Lube Express present?

Our experts in car maintenance have a wide range of services. If applicable, we will inspect your vehicle for low fluids, including oil, power steering, windshield, and battery water. We use high-quality fluids, such as Castrol oil.

What brands of motor oil does Premium Lube Express offer?

Our motor oils are top-of-the-line brands. These include Castrol oil, Pennzoil, Mobil 1, and Shell Rotella. We will discuss which brand will help your vehicle the most, depending on your specific make and model.

How do you determine what brand of motor oil to use?

This depends solely on your make and model. Castrol oil is useful for conventional, high-mileage, and synthetic. Pennzoil is synthetic. Mobil is a synthetic and synthetic blend. Shell Rotella is useful in diesel engines and a heavy-duty synthetic blend. Even though we use all four types, our featured product is Castrol oil.

What goes into an oil change?

At Premium Lube Express, we will inspect your vehicle to determine if you need an oil change or just a top-up. Typically, you should receive an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months. The numbers can be lower or higher depending on your daily driving habits or the frequency of use. Our experts will inspect your vehicle and decide if you need an oil filter replacement as well. We will use our best motor oil for the job, for example, Castrol oil. After calculating what needs to be done, the oil change will take approximately 30 minutes.

Stop by Premium Lube Express at 262 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA, or visit our website for more information. We stand by all of our products, especially our Castrol oil. Don’t delay; keep your vehicle running smoothie today!

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