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4 Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance is the only way to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Repairs can be a costly endeavor whether you use a car or truck. When you do monthly car maintenance checks, this will ensure to keep your expenses at a minimum. Premium Lube Services in Colmar, PA, can inspect and fix several problems with your vehicle without breaking the bank. Here are five essential car maintenance tips to keep you moving down the road.
Checking Fluids

The daily grind can keep your mind preoccupied. Checking the fluids of your vehicle once a month can prevent costly repairs. If you are low on oil, this can permanently damage your engine. Most people need to remember to refill their brake fluids. When this happens, your brakes may not work correctly or permanently harm your braking system. Other fluids you need to check often for proper car maintenance are transmission fluids, coolant, and power sterling fluids. Each type of liquid keeps your vehicle running like a smooth-running machine.
Inspect Belts, Hoses, and Filters

Loose-fitting belts can cause horrible sounds or grind on parts of your vehicle. If you have a hose that has come partially undone, the liquid will leak. This will cause the parts not to be adequately lubricated. It could also cause rust or damage to other components. Dirty filters that are clogged will stop necessary air or fluid flow from reaching essential partitions. This is important for car maintenance because it could cause a complete breakdown of your system.
Survey the Vehicles Tires

Checking your tires once a month can prevent damage to your car as well as protect you from accidents. Inspect your tires for physical damage. This can include worn tread, punctures, or nicks in the rubber. Review the PSI (pounds per square inch) in your tires. A passenger car typically has a PSI between 32 to 35. It is imperative to check the PSI while your tires are cool, as friction can raise the PSI. If your PSI is too high or too low, you could have a blowout or can lose control of your vehicle. If you hear a grinding or chirping sound when you turn your car or truck, damage to your wheel bearings may be present.
Vehicle Lights

It is vital to check all the lights in your vehicle. This includes brake lights as well. Having a burned-out bulb or electrical problems can cost a pretty penny. Tickets for brake lights or headlights can cost around 50$. Electrical problems can cost hundreds depending on the time of locating the issue. Once you discover a light out, please take it to a neighborhood car maintenance shop such as Premium Lube Services to fix it immediately.

Stop by Premium Lube Services at 262 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA, to inspect your vehicle today! You can call (215) 996-4281 or visit their website to inquire about their services. They offer inspections, brakes, fluids, and several other car maintenance departments. Don’t let today’s problem become tomorrow’s catastrophe!

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