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3 Benefits of Getting a Regular Oil Change

Benefits of Oil Change ? Car maintenance is an annoying aspect of owning a vehicle; parts malfunction or break when you least expect it. This could cost hundreds of dollars at a time. Getting a regular oil change in the USA can often save some wear and tear on your vehicle. Premium Lube Express in Colmer, PA, are the experts you are looking for in oil changes in the USA, filter replacements, and tire alignments.

Better Miles Per Hour

Benefits of Getting a Regular Oil Change

A regular oil change in the USA provides your vehicle with proper lubrication to keep your car in tip-top shape. Debris can build up when you continuously run your vehicle or add oil to your oil filler. This can cause engine problems. When you have a regular oil change in the USA, this cleans all the dust and debris from your system. Premium Lube Express uses the finest vehicle oil from Castrol and Pennzoil.

Environmentally Sound

Regular oil changes clean your system from stale oil. When the liquid sits for long periods, sludge can build up. This can create toxins in the air. Cleaning out your system often can lower your carbon footprint. The professionals at Premium Lube Express are experts on environmental protection. They can change out your oil, maintain your fuel system, flush your engine, and change your air filters. These expert technicians are certified.

Protecting your Engine Life

Benefits of Getting a Regular Oil Change,

Experts recommend you get an oil change in the USA every six months or 3000 miles. However, if you drive your car daily, you should get it done more frequently. When you keep filling your oil instead of getting an oil change in the USA, the bottom of your oil filler can collect dust and debris. If this moves through your engine often, you will need to do additional maintenance on your engine. Premium Lube Express is your one-stop shop for minor vehicle maintenance. It is essential to check everything out often so you do not break down in an inconvenient location.

Call Premium Lube Express at (215) 996-4281 to set up an appointment. You can also stop by their shop at 262 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar, PA. They are open seven days a week at varying times. Get an oil change in the USA or other minor mechanical issues before it is too late!

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